2018 Objectives

I want 2018 to be a productive year.
So for that I need some objectives and a path to get there.

What do I want to work on?

Front End Design & Development

For Front End I want to have the confidence of saying “Yes, I can make that.” when it comes to a project.

For Cooking – I’ve always liked to cook and I want to share that more through my Youtube Channel. I also like health topics which relate to the quality of food, Ketogenic Diet, LCHF (low carb high fat), Paleo, and health in general. I can mix that in with my cooking.

Photography/Videography is something to compliment my Youtube and Instagram. I want to get better at it to present my work in the best possible manner.

So in summary here is a more solid view of what I want to do.

Front End: Study but most importantly PRODUCE WORK. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Cooking: Film Recipes for my Youtube channel which are my personal favorites. Also add ones that have to do with Keto and Paleo.

Photography/Videography: Learn through doing and share my process. What lens, lighting, and more is needed to produce what I make.

Let’s do this!

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