Treehouse Web Design Track P1-2

This is a series to do quick recaps of what I’ve gone through and learned in Teamtreehouse‘s Web Design Track.

Introduction to HTML and CSS

This is the first course in this track. It’s used to familiarize you with what a basic website is made up of. It also gets your hand wet. Aka you start modifying the example website. Sort of like a chef showing you how a pizza is made. Yeah you’ve eaten a pizza before but do you know some of the steps involved in making it? Here put some pepperoni on it.

To sum it up it’s an overview of how one would modify a website to give you an idea of how they work.

Next up is:
HTML Basics

For the second course we go to the foundation of all that is the web: HTML. I liked going through this course as it reminded me on where to start my thinking. Where it matters the most and with it’s original intent. Which was for sharing information.
Let’s put the information on the page first in a way that makes sense. Then after you can worry about how it looks.

To sum it up: you learn Semantic Markup which gives meaning, structure, and reason to the info you are putting on the page. And of course some other tidbits like text, links, images, and such. In essence if we take away the images, CSS and Javascript from a page it will still be easy to understand and convey the proper information a document should.

Here is some example code:

See the Pen HTML Basics - TH by josue (@josuerodriguez) on CodePen.

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